What kind of solutions LAUNCH provides now

Solution for Workshop

OEM level telematics provided by LAUNCH Tech, which combine X-431 Scanners with golo to build workshop ecosystem, Car owner no longer need to worry when a service light comes on! golo platform helps them to find a repair shop they can rely on. Simply tap the golo Carcare APP & send cars vital information directly to the shop/technician. Workshop can analyze their vehicles, make proper recommendations, put the light out & even schedule an appointment, all from thousands of miles away!

With golo equipped Scan tool. Workshop can view and manage customer’s data, always be the first to contact with their customer, shop’s competitive advantage and customer satisfaction will be well improved.

How can golo iPublic platform help you?

1. Make vehicle diagnosis accessible and affordable to every type of vehicle technician anytime, anywhere. Revolutionize the way technicians perform diagnosis and repairs on modern vehicles—remote diagnostic.

2. Contribute to a safer environment by providing early warning to possible vehicle faults—message system, to remind customer regular to do the vehicle inspection and service.

3. Help our customers gain insight into their vehicles electronic system status or “health” —consulting system.
Lower vehicle maintenance costs—with golo iPublic, it is going to revolutionize your business (from passive to active). Being able to remotely access your customers' vehicles from your mobile devices will save you time, save them time and ultimately save you mutual money. You can send advertising message, sales promotion, discount activities etc. to all your binding customers regularly.

Solution for Fleet Management

Looking for a way to keep an eye on your fleet while it’s out on for tasks? Want to better manage the fleet expenditure? golo Fleet Management Platform is here to help. Through the golo OBD box, we able to collect and analyze vehicle’s data (location, operating parameters, tracks, etc.), and provide fleet owners valuable information to manage vehicles & employees, reduce cost, and improve overall efficiency.

How can golo Fleet Management Platform help you?

1. Monitor real-time vehicle status Imagine you can tell where your vehicle is, even it is thousand miles away. You can even actually view the vivid dashboard! golo Fleet Management Platform is a powerful tool in tracking vehicle real-time status and providing alerts on abnormal conditions. We guarantee sufficient information collected to assist in your management decisions.

2. Ensure vehicle health and driver safety Our unique Vehicle Inspection feature keeps track of fleet vehicles condition and supports over 220 car makes and 2500 car models. Diagnostic report troubleshoots vehicle system problem, indicates exact repair needed, helping you better arrange maintenance activities. And Instant Fault Notice function contributes vehicle usage efficiency and driver safety.

3. Manage and reduce operation cost golo Fleet Management Platform offers the precise driving report, summary, analysis, and every detail of vehicles and drivers. Real-time vehicle diagnosis eliminates vehicle fault, decreases operation risk and lowers maintenance cost. Statistics of vehicle fuel consumption refuel cost, journey record, vehicle alert details etc, make it easy for cost management.

4. Dispatch efficiently and keep journey record

If you have any other demands for auto industry solutions, please contact us and we can have conference for more details and cooperation.

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