LAUNCH iPublic Platform

iPublic is a platform designed for fleet management and workshop management.


iPublic for workshop can bring all workshops benefits with its strong functions.

iPublic helps classify all information and data of a workshop, and make it a clear and easy-to-understand snapshot. For example, the total remote diagnosis requests you have got, remote diagnosis request of the day, and pending request that you need to finish, etc. Everything is clear and businesslike. It will be the extra tool to equipping the workshop that can accelerate business, improve customer service, boost productivity and increase profits.

Fleet management.

With iPublic, fleet company can manage and monitor both of their vehicles and drivers in real-time, by access location information, correct unsafe driving behaviors, etc. Once there is vibration abnormal, the platform will remind you and show you what is happening of every car timely. Moreover, company can easily dispatch their fleets, summarize the driving record, fuel consumption and cost details and so on.

iPublic makes fleet management be clear at a glance and easy to manage. Contact us if you are interested in it.

Visit the iPublic to know more. Manage your fleet and workshop online with LAUNCH iPublic.