What is golo

golo is a personal diagnostic device developed by LAUNCH,but is does more than just generic OBDII. Combine your mobile phone with golo you can learn vital information of your car, get remote consultation and help from the repair shop; it also has application such as vehicle fault alarm, location based service and driving behavior management, etc.

Reasons that why you should choose golo!

1) Driving Safely.
golo can diagnose and inspect full-system of your car with easy-to-understand reports to show your car’s condition. Before starting your trip, you could learn everything about your car.
During the driving, golo can make sure safe driving by reminding driver, wearing seatbelt, speeding, suddenly braking, and so on.
Your Safety is the most Important while driving

2) Best Auto Service
What if you can diagnose and inspect your car without driving to the repair and 4S shops? golo is creating a platform for car owners and 4S shops.
Every car owners can share problems, diagnosis reports and get help from technicians, or send request for remote-diagnosis to linked 4S shops. Car owners can get quick answer and solve problems fast.

3) Fuel Efficiency
To help you save money in gas and cut down the maintenance cost, golo does its best to make it happen. Improve your driving with driving-record feedback is the best way. Good driving behavior not only cuts down the fuel consumption, reduces the loss and increases the service life of your car, but also lowers driving risk.

4)Map Service
golo provides locate function to make your life easier. Locate your car with golo app on your smart phone when you can not find it in a parking lot.
You can also set an e-fence to keep your car safe. Once driving out the area you set, you will get a message on your smart phone and let you know where your car is in real-time.

Buy the golo device and download App free now!

5)Message Reminds
Most cars have its own way such as alert to remind car owners of abnormalities, for example stolen and collision. Sometimes we cannot tell if it is our cars being stolen or collided. In this case, golo will remind you once there is any abnormal vibration, and help you find out what happened to your car. It’s an efficient and reliable way to keep your car monitored while it is out of your sight