LAUNCH Ecosystem

For serving customer efficiently and comfortably,golo ecosystem integrates the resources of online and offline including various parties, such as repair shops, insurance, fleet, spare parts, etc.

A complete Car-Driver-workshop ecosystem is here to make our life smarter, more convenient and comfortable. See how LAUNCH products play different role in this ecosystem.

1. golo Carcare With golo Carcare, car owners can self-inspect their cars when any service light comes on. If car owners cannot solve the car faults by themselves, just link golo Carcare with workshop’s X-431 PRO, PRO 3 or PAD II for help.

2. X-431 series (Workshop) Technician can read and analyze vehicle vital signs remotely, make proper recommendations, put the light out & even schedule an appointment, all from thousands of miles away.

Besides, X-431 series, easydiag+ are another economical and convenient option for technicians and workshops.

3. Easydiag+ Based on its small size, technician can take it out anywhere. Abundant of car models software are provided to choose as per need. Moreover, remote diagnosis is also available with EasyDiag+.