Inspect your car and show report on smart phone.


Inspect your car and show report on smart phone.

It diagnoses your car’s full system and brings your car’s vital information to your mobile screen with just a tap. In order to always keep your car in good condition and enjoy a happy driving time, absolutely you need the “private technician – golo”.Easy to understand the problems of your car, helps to ensure your car in good condition at all time.


Tell us what’s problem of your car, we can help you.

Car owners can give rewards and get help from friends, technicians, and those who know how to solve the problem. You can communicate and consult with them about your car, and share intelligence and experience with each other. Not only to provide solutions to solve the problem but also to make you know clearly about your car and how to solve it by yourself.

Remote Diagnosis

Just one tap, workshop will help you diagnose your car remotely.

No need to make an appointment and drive to 4S shops frequently. golo helps connect your car to the auto repair shops. Once your car has any problem, you can get reply and service from technician within minutes. Choose your favourite auto repair and maintenance shop on golo and enjoy the best and professional service


Earn rewards on golo to help cut down your maintenance fee.

Feel pains about the car maintenance fee? Earn rewards to save money on golo. Drivers will be rewarded for the good driving behavior after each journey. And a golo user can also answer questions to win some rewards. Rewards on golo can be used to inspect and diagnose cars,buy device and fuel, and pay for maintenance service. See how to earn.

Connect Your Car to Your Smartphone

More brands will be covered and showed to you.
* golo Carcare, golo 4, golo X, and golo EasyDiag+ work with most cars since 1996.